Compliant Cloud Billing

Compliant Cloud Billing

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments processed through Stripe. We collect payment information immediate following contract signing. If credit card payments are not acceptable for you, please reach out to our billing group to explore other options.

When does billing for an environment start?

Datica will start billing you for an environment when it has been provisioned on Datica. At that time, you will be able to push your application to your environment. You will receive emails at time of billing. For trial accounts, billing begins the 30 days after your environment has been provisioned and deployed.

Do you offer sandbox environments for things like development, staging, or QA?

Yes, we do. The major differences between these sandbox environments and our fully compliant production environments are that sandbox environments do not include backup, disaster recovery, or a business associate agreement (BAA). Sandbox environments mirror our production environments in all other ways, including having dedicated logging.

PHI should not ever be stored on sandbox environments as they are not covered by a BAA.

Sandbox environments are offered at a discount to facilitate testing and staging applications.

When do you sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

Once you accept the terms of the Service Order, we send you a BAA to sign. If you have questions about our BAAs, please reach out to our compliance group

Do you have any additional requirements for signing a BAA?

No, we sign BAAs for all production environments. For non-production environments (development, staging, QA, etc) that don’t need to be compliant, we do not sign BAAs.

Cloud computing for healthcare

If you store, process, or transmit Protected Health Information, rely on Datica to keep you HIPAA compliant with our platform as a service, mobile backend, or managed HL7 integrations.

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Datica learning resources

Learn the important and intracate details of HIPAA compliance, make use of HL7, and understand the security aspects of handling protected health information with our learning resources.

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