An Organization is a group of user accounts, usable across all Datica products. Typically, an organization maps to (and is named after) your company. Organizations are created for you during the provisioning process. It is possible to be a member of multiple organizations.

In Compliant Cloud, each environment belongs to a single organization.


Every user in an organization has a role.

  • Members can see the environments that belong to the organization, but can only view the details of and interact with environments that they have been specifically been granted permission on.
  • Admins can view the details of any of the organization’s environments, grant Members permission to do the same, and invite new Members to the organization.
  • Owners can do anything an Admin can, as well as promote/demote other members of the organization to new roles.

Typically, an organization only has one Owner. When a new organization is created for you, the first user invited becomes the first Owner.

Managing Your Organization

Organization management tools are located in the Compliant Cloud Dashboard - click on your organization’s name in the dropdown.


Adding Members to Your Organization

New members are added to your organization by sending them an invite, from the management tools.


Filling out this form will send an email to the specified address, including instructions on how to join the organization. After the invite is sent, it can be revoked at any time until it is accepted.


After it is accepted, it will disappear from this table.

Note: The CLI invites send command can also be used to send an invite.

Removing Members, Changing Roles, and Granting Environment Access

In the management tools, there is a list of all members of the organization.


Click on the Edit button to enter the details view for a member.


To change that member’s role, select the new role from the dropdown and click Save.

To remove the member from the organization, click the X button under “Remove User.”

To grant a Member access to specific environments (or revoke previously-granted access), adjust the radio controls as desired. Changes will be saved automatically.

Note: These screenshots are how an Owner sees the management tools. Lower roles have a simplified view.

Notes on Specific Environment Access

If a member does not have granted access and their role is not admin or higher, they will not be able to interact with the environment in any way, beyond seeing that it exists. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Pushing code
  • Accessing logging
  • Accessing monitoring
  • Opening consoles
  • Associating to it

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