Scaling With Compliant Cloud

How can I scale with Datica and Compliant Cloud?

Code scaling is increasing a system’s ability to handle a growing work load. As the work of a system increases a system with a scaling method should be able to grow to handle the load. Code scaling often means adding additional application servers to a service to handle increased demand. This feature is built right into Datica’s Compliant Cloud feature set, contact your account manager or open a ticket here via the “Contact Support” button for your environment.

Cloud computing for healthcare

If you store, process, or transmit Protected Health Information, rely on Datica to keep you HIPAA compliant with our platform as a service, mobile backend, or managed HL7 integrations.

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Datica learning resources

Learn the important and intracate details of HIPAA compliance, make use of HL7, and understand the security aspects of handling protected health information with our learning resources.

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