Account Troubleshooting

Account Management Troubleshooting

Environment Access

I can see my new environment but I can’t view details in the Platform dashboard

  • Potential Issue You may not have permission to access the environment.
  • Potential Solution The admin or owner of your organization must grant you permission to access the environment.

Organization Access

I can’t see my organization

  • Potential Issue You have an account but are not part of an organization.
  • Potential Solution You must be invited to your organization by an admin or owner. If your organization has not been created, you may need to contact Datica support. If your organization has been created, the owner or admin must send you an invite. See the organizations guide for more details.

Locked out of your Account

I have been locked out of my Datica account

  • Potential Issue You may have exceeded the number of allowed incorrect password attempts or suspicious behavior has been detected for your account.
  • Potential Solution Check your email for a link to unlock your account. Be sure to check your spam folder. If no email can be found, have an admin of your Organization contact Datica support via the dashboard to unlock your account.

Cloud computing for healthcare

If you store, process, or transmit Protected Health Information, rely on Datica to keep you HIPAA compliant with our platform as a service, mobile backend, or managed HL7 integrations.

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Datica learning resources

Learn the important and intracate details of HIPAA compliance, make use of HL7, and understand the security aspects of handling protected health information with our learning resources.

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