Datica CLI Troubleshooting

Datica CLI Troubleshooting


bash: datica: command not found

  • Potential Issue: You have not added the Datica CLI binary to your PATH environment variable.
  • Potential Solution: You can add the Datica CLI to your PATH environment variable by running export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/your/datica/cli/binary or adding that line to your bash profile.


[fatal] A required update has been applied. Please re-run this command.

  • Potential Issue: Your user cannot write to the file or directory the Datica CLI binary is stored in.
  • Potential Solution: sudo chown -R $(whoami) /path/to/your/cli/binary If this doesn’t work you can uninstall and reinstall the CLI.

Pod ID Not Found

fatal (0) Pod ID Not Found: Invalid Pod ID specified in X-Pod-ID header

  • Potential Issue: The Datica CLI references a configuration file ~/.datica to cache configuration data. This configuration file may contain old configuration information that may need to be updated.
  • Potential Solution: To erase all or some cached configuration data you can use the datica clear command.


fatal (92005) Console Setup Error: {“code”:500,“error”:“Internal Error”}

  • Potential Issue: You are trying to connect and run a console command on a job that is not running or a code service that has failed to build and deploy.
  • Potential Solution: Ensure that the service you are trying to run a console command for has jobs that are running. You can check the status of your services by using the Datica CLI command datica -E "<your_env_name>" status. If you have ensured that your service is running and you are still receiving this error, contact Datica support.

(0) Command Not Authorized: The command supplied is not a whitelisted command

  • Issue: The console command you are trying to run is not in the whitelist. -Solution Datica whitelists commands that you are able to run for security purposes. Contact Datica support to request a command be added to the whitelist.


You do not have access to the requested repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

  • Potential Issue: You are using a deploy key from a different environment.
  • Potential Solution: Set up user keys as a replacement for deploy keys. User keys are associated with your user and will work on any environment. See this guide for instructions on setting up user keys.

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